Welcome Back to Source

I invite you, on this Journey Back to Source, to co-create with me in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Whole Body Healing and Coaching

Heather Joyce Wolfe, RN, RPP, BCPP

“I recognize that each of us is a spark of Love connected to our Divine Source
and that healing is a process of purification – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and that disease is an imbalance in our energy system. I seek to help you reach your potential on all these levels, asking you to take responsibility for what you have created, are creating and will create.”

My wish is to support you on your Journey –

  to help you relieve pain and stress, keep in balance, open and heal to reach the joy of who you are, and your purpose here at this time…

I embrace many Spiritual Paths, and support your heart’s desire and exploration, as well as changes you may want to make on your path.

Should you choose to join me on your Journey for all or parts of the above I would regard it as a privilege and a sacred thing. Please visit the contact page if you would like to make an appointment, or perhaps register for a workshop with me.

RN.  Registered Nurse, RPP.  Registered Polarity Practitioner, BCPP  Board Certified Polarity Practitioner