To wake up?
To breathe and say prayers
To draw the curtains, open the blinds
To check the thermostat, humidifier and fill or not?

To water the plants, cut or discard the flowers
To boil the water and drink enough?
To clear the sink of dishes from supper eaten too late
To shower or bathe, choose clothes and dress…

To hang upside down?
To jump on the rebounder, stretch and dance

To breathe …to listen… give thanks

To make a smoothie and dowse for supplements – yay or nay?

How long does it take
To turn on the screens, check email, texts and Facebook
And to reply?
To drink the smoothie and/or eat breakfast?
To apply make up and fix the hair
And to irrigate, brush, floss and rinse the teeth…

How long does it take?

To make the bed
Sort the laundry – wash or not?
To do the laundry – wash, dry, fold and store

To make the list, look at the calendar
And decide priorities
To grocery shop – what? where? – unpack and store,
To make nutritious food with love and care

To empty the trash and replenish the bag
To recycle?
How long does it take
To return the calls, emails and texts?
To make the necessary calls to family, friends, and other

To take a walk or go to yoga
To organize, plan and be on time
To remember all that needs to be remembered?

To buy the cards and gifts
To send the cards and gifts

To have the cup of tea or meal with friends or family

To play the harp
To write the poetry, thoughts
To have time to listen, to sit, to share

And time to work?
And time to play?
And time to sleep?

And I live alone
Maybe this takes more time?

How long does it take to keep things clean
The car running well and looking good

To decorate for holidays
To put away the decorations
To participate?

How long does it take “do nothing and rest afterwards?”
To keep strong and well
To do prevention rather than cure?

No time at all if done on the wings of Love

How long does it take to find Unconditional Self Acceptance?
To know your Soul Purpose here on Mother Earth
Great or small?

And how long does it take to act on that knowing?

As long as it takes – unconditionally

How long does it take to know more
And to keep up?
To learn new updates?

How long does it take to stop
To honor your Heart?
To halt self criticism
To hear that child inside
To feel your feelings

To respect – really respect the Earth
And all She gives to us?
To realize that She gives us EVERYTHING!

How long does it take to get quiet?
To stop rushing
To relax
To smell the flowers
To fix the printer?

How long does it take to be kind?
To breathe…

To file your finger nails
To cut your toenails?
To clean your shoes
To iron that shirt
To wash the floor and dust?

How long does it take to Love?
And what would you rather be doing?

*Heather Joyce Wolfe, Jan. 7, 2016 *