*Light Worker*

Who are you?
Who named you that?
Was it God/Goddess?
The Fairies?
Or some Angelic Being?
Does it matter?

What matters is
The work, and the light

Allowing dark to show
The Way
As the night sky
Illuminates the stars

No need to understand
It all
Too vast for human mind
Rather find the Guidance
In the heart
And then to use the head
For true connection
To Source
To Light
To Love

Each one has a task
However great or small
Revealed in wisdom’s time
And all the while
No work greater
Than the moment’s breath
That brings Holy Spirit
Down to Earth
Connecting the Mother
And the Father
Through whispered Love
Expanding on threads of Light
To show a better way

Light that shows
The shattered shards
The disconnection
And the wandered
Mostly hidden
Veiled by illusion
Curiosity and hunger
For something more

The Lightworker
Comes with contract
To shine brightly
In a chosen way
To be a pioneer
In bringing consciousness
To unconsciousness
Jumping through hoops
Over hurdles
Under ditches
To face the obstacles
Sometimes all in Silence
Where the view of Truth
Can show itself
More clearly and efficiently

Many choices
To take the Journey
As finally
Joy in the heart
Bubbling or bursting
Sharing must come forth
As Light, as Love,
Wearing the cloak
Most suited to the Sharer

And so the work
Is strengthened
With the damn
Broken through
Last resistances
Allowed to vanish
No choice but to surrender
To the Light

All who wish
To follow suit
One by one
In Divine Time
Playing the game
Back to Source


*Heather Joyce Wolfe*
*October 2016*