A Whole Body A-Z for Prevention and Healing

A Conventional and Alternative Approach

Heather wrote this book while recovering from her own experience of breast cancer. She found it difficult to correlate all the different information during this process and thus made the decision to try to improve on this for others. As a result her book is a resource for anyone wanting improved health, regardless of their situation in relation to breast cancer, but it is primarily aimed at this disease and its prevention, as well as its correction if a diagnosis is pronounced.

The subject matter, which can be a rather serious one, is made lighter by beautiful photos of flowers taken by Heather’s sister, Jess Walsh. These particular flowers were chosen for their feeling quality, their colours and their healing vibration, with much gratitude to Jess and the Plant Kingdom.

Heather has done her best to help people make short cuts to the latest truth available, and to make the information clear, concise and congruent. Facts found in one place on many subjects regarding health and disease are often contradicted in another, which can be confusing and frustrating, as well as a waste of valuable time and energy, so she has searched books, DVDs, CDs, the internet and her own experience to correlate information in the best way possible for the reader to move forward with a plan of action for optimal health, wherever they may find themselves. The A to Z format is easy to use, and if one does not want to read from cover to cover a subject can be chosen on the page of contents, or opened at random and the message given in this way. It is not a book to hide away, and can be left in waiting rooms, school rooms, sitting rooms, bathrooms and bedsides, to name a few!

The reader is made aware of many possible choices, and given an optimistic viewpoint for improved health as well as recovery from disease. Suggestions for a plan of action are given in a general way, with each individual at the helm of their own lives, allowing for full support.

heart-large“Yes!  Your book has arrived.  I have enjoyed reading it SO much.  Put together so beautifully and organized so strategically, it is truly impressive! It will enhance the lives of all who read it.  I learned much that I did not know.  You’ve accomplished quite a feat.

You, the woman some may have doubted, came through with a precious and comprehensive guide to health, gleaned from your years of learning, growing, striving, treating, introspection, and giving of your Self and self.  I have learned much from you, just from being in your presence, now others who are not so fortunate will be able to grow from your words.”
Janice Koskey, Educator/Photographer

heart-large“Dear Heather,
I just opened your book. It arrived yesterday and it is fantastic! What a wonderful gift for women. You did it “Wa Hey Guru” to you!!! You did it just like you said you would. You are my inspiration!!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful book. It has so much information. I love the way you set it up a-z , so chock full of info.
Seriously what a gift you are. Such a beautiful achievement. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Maura McCormick, Kundalini Yoga Teacher/Dowser

heart-large“I am reading your book every chance I get a few minutes. I love every page.
You have put all your knowledge together in such a user friendly guide book. I feel you ooozzzing out on each page. I can hear your voice and I feel comforted by you on each page. I wish you well in getting this book out to everyone for simple knowledge, or as a guide through their own diagnosis.”


How to Purchase the Book

You can purchase Heather’s book on Amazon:

Paperback Edition

Kindle Edition

Or you can purchase a copy at Dark Star Philosophia in Rockport.

It is Heather’s hope that this book can be given often as a gift, with abundant rewards.