Yoga means Union. Each of us has a place inside that longs for union with our Self~Love~Light~Source~Spirit~God. This Retreat will help you access this place inside and, through the yogic path, show you practical ways to make the journey from both Eastern and Western perspectives. You will also explore patterns that keep you from nurturing your longing.

At this time on the planet our hunger for healing is intensified on all levels. We cry for love and more spirituality in many different ways. We feel the pain of separation and ask “why?” Deep down inside we do have the answers, although allowing time for them to emerge is not always easy. Most of us need guidance, tools, and support to uncover the truth of the Love that we are. This Retreat will help you create your unique spiritual discipline to support the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your healing at this time in your life.

My focus is on bringing the Sacred to every moment. Working from a Shamanic perspective, I honor the Sacred through sound, movement, ceremony, touch, prayer and laughter, embracing many paths. I create a safe nurturing space using my knowledge, skill, and ability to see and feel energy to align you with the blueprint of your Soul, helping you to change belief patterns so as to come to a vibration of Self Love. I recognize the importance, at this time, of reclaiming the Divine Feminine in relation to the Divine Masculine and use awareness of the Five Elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth to bring about balance to the body, mind, life, and relationships.

I have experienced much through the many aspects of the Feminine, and bring this to my work, as well as my intuitive counseling skills and insightful wisdom gained from 20 years’ facilitating groups.

Here are some testimonials from attendees of my recent classes:

heart-largeHeather is a Shaman, a modern day Shaman/Sofie Healer, offering guidance, support and wisdom, knowledge and education – all held in Unconditional Love and non judgement. It is from this place of Unconditional Love and non judgement that we can learn, but more importantly to experience realization and insight. Insight is the AhHa moment, seeing everything or seeing something with fresh thinking, where we can access change, well being, equanimity and harmony.
Debra Crosby, Director of A Quest Acting Studio, Salem, MA

heart-largeThank you so much for today’s class. It was wonderful. I want to say thank you for the blessings and support. Your class was amazing. It has opened up my mind and Spirit. I am blessed to meet you and others.
Kathleen, Student

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“Anything which helps the reality of man to emerge from the obscure depths of his personality is yoga, whether it comes from East or West.”
~Sachindra Kumar Majumdar

I welcome opportunities to bring The Yoga of Nurturance Training Sessions to people worldwide. I will tailor this to your needs from a 1 1/2 hour Workshop to a 5 day Retreat.

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